Success Stories

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Success Stories: ChannelAdvisor


Mark Vandegrift, VP of Product Management, Marketplaces

"Access to eBay’s APIs is critical to the success of our continuous development cycle for our eBay offerings. These APIs allow ChannelAdvisor to build innovative features, like our support for eBay promoted listings. These innovations empower sellers with new tools to help promote products and grow their eBay business."
- Mark Vandegrift, VP of Product Management, Marketplaces

Headquarters: Morrisville, NC

"The eBay Developers Program provides us with the integration points to let us develop creative solutions for customers and design a workflow tailored to their needs. Without the flexibility of the eBay APIs and the assistance from the Developers Program, we would not be nearly as successful solving these challenges and working with retailers to efficiently grow and manage their business”
- Marshall Smith, Engineering Manager

ChannelAdvisor uses eBay's new Marketing and Post Order APIs; as well as eBay's Trading, Shopping, Business Policies, Product, and Platform Notifications APIs.

Success Stories: BigCommerce


Brent Bellm, CEO

"The relationship with eBay is transformative for us because eBay’s developing powerful new APIs that make it far more efficient and effective for us to integrate our platform with eBay. We’re looking to continue to make this the best integration between an online store platform and eBay anywhere in the world. Because eBay’s APIs are so modern and so easy to work with, it will be very easy and fast for us to add features, fix bugs, expand the footprint that we have globally with eBay and adopt new features and capabilities as eBay releases them."

Headquarters: Austin, TX

"Moving to eBay’s new Sell API enables us to work with JSON instead of XML / SOAP, and the team at eBay has been extremely helpful when we encounter any issue at all."

BigCommerce uses eBay's Account, Inventory and Fulfillment APIs

Success Stories: Wikibuy


Kyle Schumacher, Head of Partnerships

"The eBay Developers Program allows Wikibuy to leverage the vast resources of eBay to provide a magical experience for customers."

Headquarters: Austin, TX

"eBay's APIs have helped Wikibuy save customers money when shopping online. The APIs have given Wikibuy the invaluable ability to quickly iterate and scale. Wikibuy is excited to continue working with eBay in removing friction from the ecommerce experience."

Wikibuy uses eBay's Search, Checkout, and Order APIs

Success Stories: Ebates

Amit Patel, General Manager

"What we’ve enjoyed the most from working with the eBay Developer’s Program has been working with a modern API, using modern protocols and formats: e.g., REST, OAuth 2.0, json. We’ve also enjoyed the responsiveness from the eBay team to any issues that have come up."

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

"With access to eBay’s Buy API, we’ve been able to scale our platform not only from a technology standpoint, but from a product standpoint. Ebates members look for compelling deals across a wide variety of merchants. Everything from fashion to electronics to baby formula and text books. It was key for us to to work with a great technology partner that has a product catalog that really spans to every type of category for members. With access to the eBay's Buy API, we can now help our members find and shop for compelling products directly from the eBay marketplace fast and efficiently."

Ebates uses eBay's Buy APIs