eBay Solutions Directory - Tools for Success A Toolkit for Getting More Ratings and Reviews

This page is for Solution Providers with listings in the eBay Solutions Directory.

Download the eBay Solutions Directory Ratings and Review Toolkit.

Listings in the Solutions Directory with Ratings and Reviews receive significantly more interest and click-throughs than those without. Users tend to sort by user ratings, and ratings help them choose the right solution.

Use this toolkit to encourage your customers to leave Ratings and Reviews for your solutions in the eBay Solutions Directory.

The toolkit includes:

  • An email you can send to your customers to encourage them to leave Ratings and Reviews for your products
  • A follow-up email to send to customers who do not respond to your first request Content you can use in your company newsletter to encourage customers to leave ratings and reviews for your solutions

For guidelines about Ratings and Reviews, go to: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/contextual/solutions-directory-ratings.html

Getting Started

Check out the guidelines , then borrow an email or a blurb from the toolkit to reach your customers via email or your newsletter. Once you have more Ratings and Reviews, you'll experience the power of eBay community involvement.