What is the eBay Solutions Directory?

The eBay Solutions Directory is an online directory of hundreds of tools and services from eBay and third party developers. It's a great way to let the community know about the solutions you offer, and an even more valuable resource for eBay buyers or sellers who are looking for tools and services to ramp up their eBay businesses.

How can you list your solution in the eBay Solutions Directory?

If you provide an application or service to eBay members, you can receive one free listing in the eBay Solutions Directory if:

  • You are a member of the eBay Developers Program
  • You have application keys in the Production environment
  • Your application or service has passed the Compatible Application Check.
  • To list your solution:

    1. Make sure your application has passed the Compatible Application Check, for your Production application keys.
    2. Login to your eBay Developers Program account.
    3. In your Account menu (Hi username), choose Solutions Directory Account.
    4. Complete the form to list your solution in the directory.
    Note: to edit your Listing go to the Solutions Directory Account page and select the listing you wish to edit

    How does the community use the directory to determine which solutions to choose?

    People can search the eBay Solutions Directory in the following ways:

    • Browse by specific category
    • Search by name or function
    • Use the Solutions Finder diagnostic tool. On solutions.ebay.com, they can click on "Go" at the top left of the page and answer a few simple questions. The Finder will deliver a list of solutions from Certified Providers and/or eBay based on the answers to the questions.

    How can I stand out and get my solution noticed in the eBay Solutions Directory?

    The most important thing you can do to stand out in the eBay Solutions Directory is to encourage your current customers to rate your solutions and leave reviews for you on your listing page in the Solutions Directory. Listings with Ratings and Reviews get bumped up to the top of search results in the Solutions Directory because a user can sort by Ratings and Reviews when they're conducting a search.

    We've made it easy for you to get more Ratings and Reviews for your solutions by creating the Solutions Directory Ratings and Reviews Toolkit, which includes sample emails you can send your customers to ask them to leave you feedback, and a blurb you can use in your newsletter.