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981 Release API Docs Now Available

Trading API Release Highlights

Trading Release Notes

  • GuaranteedShipping field returned in order management calls
  • CancelStatus returned in GetMyeBayBuying
  • and more

Shopping API Release Highlights

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Merchant Data API Release Highlights

Merchant Data Release Notes

Security Update: Support for TLS 1.2 on API Endpoints

Starting on Friday, September 16, eBay's Production API endpoints will support TLS 1.2, as part of an industry-wide initiative to improve security standards across the Web.

Don't Forget: Soon Listings on Sites Must be in CAD Currency

As eBay announced in March, all listings on and must be in Canadian dollars (CAD) by August 2016.

Coming Soon: Business Policies Opt-In/Opt-Out Will Be Enforced

Starting soon, a seller's choice to opt into or out of Business Policies will determine which API fields can be used when creating/revising/relisting their listings.

Using Business Policies
To list items using Business Policies, the seller will have defined at least one of each of the following Business Policies types: