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Similar and Related Products in the Buy Marketing API

As we at eBay continue to invest in our developer community and in making our API offerings richer, we are excited to announce the launch of two new methods in the Buy Marketing API suite: getAlsoViewedByProduct and getAlsoBoughtByProduct.


New Design for eBay RESTful API Docs

Noticed something different about our Buy, Sell, and Commerce API documentation?

Yep, this summer we gave it a complete UI makeover. Our new design is tailored to reflect the model of our new RESTful APIs, and we hope you like what you see.


New and Updated Sell and Buy APIs

This summer, conferences will take place in seven locations across the US, Europe and Asia.

Members of our global community of developers will meet to share best practices and learn about how eBay is leveraging its technology to make it easier for our developer ecosystem to create innovative new eBay experiences.

Announcing the BETA Release of the Buy Marketing API

Key Features of the Buy Marketing API

  • Display a list of the best selling products in a category, sorted by product demand.
  • Select a metric, such as Best Selling, and retrieve the details of the product, such as the eBay product Id (EPID), title, product image, user review and rating, condition, and estimated starting price

Browse API v1_beta_7.0 Now Available

The latest release of the Buy API is now live on Production.

Release Highlights

  • Added gtin URI parameter
  • Removed the gtin field filter (backward incompatible)
  • Added error messages

Browse API v1_beta_6.0 Now Available

Release Highlights

  • Updates to Get Item, Get Item by Item Group, and Get Item by Legacy Id calls
  • Updaates to Search for Items call
  • Removed Get Item Feed call from Browse API
  • Added support for additional eBay marketplaces
  • Added Taxonomy API information to the docs, for retrieving category IDs