As soon as a buyer commits to purchase an item, sellers can start tracking and managing the related order. The eBay APIs help merchants manage the after-sales experience, from order fulfillment to receiving feedback. The eBay APIs support the following after-sales activities:


The following APIs support eBay after-sale applications:

Trading API and Platform Notifications

Platform notifications alert merchants to sales activity and the Trading API provides the means to manage the majority of the after-sale experience, such as order fulfillment and managing private eBay user information such as My eBay and Feedback details.

Large Merchant Services

In addition to providing bulk listing and listing management capabilities, Large Merchant Services also provides after-sales reporting and APIs for managing orders and shipping. This set of APIs can be combined with the Trading API for a comprehensive after-sales experience.

Business Policies Management API

Merchants’ business policies for payments, shipping, and returns affect the after-sale experience. The Business Policies Management API helps merchants manage their business on eBay more efficiently.

Return Management API

The Return Management API provides US and UK sellers a programmatic way to retrieve and manage eBay-managed returns created through eBay Resolution Center.

Resolution Case Management API

If a buyer or a seller has asked eBay to help with a request via the Resolution Center , the Resolution Case Management API helps developers to manage the ensuing cases. The Resolution Case Management API is primarily used by US, UK, and DE sellers to retrieve, track, manage, and resolve all eBay Buyer Protection cases that are opened by buyers in the Resolution Center.