eBay provides hundreds of samples in our API docs, knowledge base, developer forums, and GitHub!

Download and Run XML and SOAP Samples

Use a third-party tool like SoapUI or Postman , or your favorite API tool to try out eBay's API calls. Tools like these enable you to save your requests, create your own test suites, and more!

Here are several SoapUI templates to help you get started:

  1. Find the API you want to use in the eBay_APICall_Request_Templates GitHub repo.
    Each folder in the repo contains a SoapUI project and a ReadMe file with instructions.
  2. Download a project file, configure it with your your AppID or token, and then run the samples!
    You do not need a GitHub account to download or use a project file.
  3. Tip: Add more samples to your project! Create your own custom requests by copying samples from the:

Feel free to copy any of these samples and use them in Postman or another tool of your choice!

Would you like to contribute? If you have a GitHub account, feel free to fork a repo, add your changes, and submit a pull request! Our Developer Technical Support team reviews pull requests about once per quarter.

eBay API Test Tool

The eBay Developers Program API Test Tool lets you try out Trading, Shopping, and Merchant Data calls. It's quick an easy to use. Just fill in the fields in the left panel, as necessary add information to fields in the request section, and submit the call. You can also copy/paste your own request code for the selected API call.

Download and Run More Code Samples

Ready to start coding?

We provide code samples in Java, PHP, Python, Perl, and .NET in our API tutorials, knowledge base, eBay SDKs, and the eBayDeveloper GitHub repository!