eBay has millions of items listed for sale in thousands of categories throughout the world. Search capabilities are critical to buyers and sellers alike. eBay offers simple, powerful APIs to find items, products, and other data on eBay. Search APIs are used by sellers, buyers, and members of the eBay Partner Network (affiliate publishers).

Affiliates can use the APIs to craft searches for different buying experiences:
  • Ability to search for products using standard identifiers like ISBN and UPC
  • Create focused searches to find just the right item
  • Browse for ideas and interesting products
  • Look for deals and hidden treasures
  • Find items that ship fast and accept returns for gift purchases

Sellers want to make sure buyers can find their items, so they may want to use search APIs to determine and improve search relevance for their listings. Depending upon the sorting method, the ranking of a listing in the search results can be affected by pricing, shipping, title and description, return policy, and other listing properties, as well as seller standing.

Sellers can also use search APIs to confirm competitive pricing for their active listings by searching for similar products that have sold on eBay recently. Please note that historical pricing information cannot be stored per the API license agreement. Please check out the eBay Market Data Program for any interest in historical data.


The following APIs support searching on eBay:

Finding API

The Finding API has calls to help you find items on eBay. The search calls in the Finding API include extensive filtering and sorting capability to help users find exactly what they want. The Finding API has a number of resources to get you started quickly, including:

  • Quick Start Guide: Join and make a call to the LIVE eBay site in under 5 minutes!
  • Documentation: Learn more about the Finding API
  • Tutorials: Try our step-by-step instructions for using the API
  • eBay SDKs: Check out the .NET or Java Finding Kit or the Python SDK
  • Forum: Ask a question or see what other questions have been asked and answered

Shopping API

The Shopping API has calls to help you search eBay for the following:

  • Products (on eBay and Half.com ) from eBay’s catalog of stock products, such as smartphones, video games, or books
  • Reviews and Guides

The Shopping API has a number of resources to get you started quickly, including:

Other Resources

See the following resources to get the most out of your Search integration: